Cairo, Egypt – 10/3/2024 – In a move set to boost digital marketing accessibility for businesses, Markeve Group, a prominent business development service provider, has signed a pivotal agreement with Adva.
Adva, a leading financial solutions company, will provide credit lines specifically designed to finance Markeve Group’s digital marketing services. This collaboration empowers businesses to amplify their online presence without the initial financial strain.

“This partnership is a significant step forward for our clients,” declared Hesham Elkholy, CEO of Markeve Group.
It allows businesses of all sizes to embrace cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, fostering growth without upfront financial constraints. By partnering with Adva, we can equip them with the resources they need to thrive in the digital landscape.”

The agreement unlocks access to credit lines tailored specifically for financing Markeve Group’s digital marketing services. Adva’s expertise in financial solutions facilitates this process, enabling businesses to spread the cost of their marketing campaigns over a manageable timeframe.

About Markeve Group

Markeve Group is a leading business development service provider, dedicated to propelling businesses in Egypt towards their full potential. Their comprehensive suite of services encompasses digital marketing, market research, and strategic consulting. Markeve Group prioritizes providing results-driven solutions that fuel client success.

About Adva

Adva stands as a pioneering financial solutions company, revolutionizing the way businesses access and manage their finances. They offer a diverse range of innovative solutions, including credit lines, payment processing tools, and financial management resources. Adva remains committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need to flourish in the digital era.

A Promising Future
This strategic partnership between Markeve Group and Adva signifies a major development for the Egyptian business ecosystem. By combining Markeve Group’s digital marketing expertise with Adva’s innovative financial solutions, this collaboration unlocks a powerful opportunity for businesses to invest strategically in their online presence and propel their growth trajectories.